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model t

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The sleek, stylish & secure hardware wallet with a vivid touchscreen, Shamir Backup, and on-device transaction confirmation.

Model one

RM399.00 | 0.002200 BTC

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The go-to choice for offline crypto security for over 10 years. A trusted, proven, and affordable hardware wallet that has stood the test of time.

trezor safe 3 cryptobilis

safe 3

Coming Soon

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The newest Trezor hardware wallet with Secure Element protection, open-source design, and on-device confirmation.

keep metal

Coming Soon

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Protect your recovery seed with unparalleled peace of mind, expertly made from premium stainless steel.

Backup Pack

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Secure, manage and grow your crypto assets with the Trezor Backup Pack. Get one each of Trezor Model T and Trezor One.

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Different device, different use

Trezor Model T and Model One each have their own advantages for different use cases:

Trezor Model One

Tried and tested, the Trezor Model One is the world’s first hardware wallet for offline coin security, giving you complete confidence in handling your crypto game. This wallet keeps your data, passwords, and other important stuff super safe.

Feel like a boss sending, receiving, and trading coins. Trezor’s got your back with its one-of-a-kind security setup. Every move you make needs your physical confirmation right on the wallet, making sure everything is legit.

Protect your device with a PIN up to a whopping 50 digits to lock things up. Want to crank the security dial to 11? Add a passphrase—your unique mix of letters, words, and whatever else rocks your boat. It’s like your VIP ticket to your Trezor hardware wallet, giving you that extra warm and fuzzy feeling.

The Trezor Model One hardware wallet is the iconic solution for offline coin security.

Trezor Model T

This wallet nails it with style and safety. The Model T’s touchscreen is incredibly smooth, letting you manage your crypto and confirm transactions directly on the bright 1.54” LCD screen. Your sensitive info is sealed tight in the device, safe from online threats.

Lost your device? No biggie. Trezor set the gold standard for wallet backup. The 12-word Standard Backup is your fail-safe for regaining access to your assets. Bring extra muscle to your wallet backup with Shamir Backup for max protection.

Want to ghost the snoops? Go for coinjoin. Your Trezor Model T lets you add privacy to your transactions, keeping prying eyes guessing.

The Trezor Model T hardware wallet brings security, a sleek design, and easy use to your crypto management.

Manage your crypto in Trezor Suite

  • Send, receive, trade & track your coins
  • Track your portfolio balance
  • Confirm every transaction directly on your wallet
Trezor Suite

Securely manage your crypto

Digital asset management your way-send, receive, trade & track

Securely manage your crypto

Digital asset management your way-send, receive, trade & track

Protect your wallet’s access

Passphrase- & PIN-entry access on your wallet

Benefit from open-source

Transparent wallet design makes Trezor better and safer
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