Time to embark on your journey to explore the exciting world of Bitcoin!

Introducing the Cryptobilis Bitcoin Starter Pack, your gateway to the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. With a sleek Coin Vault Card for secure storage, a comprehensive User Manual to guide your journey, and a starter amount of bitcoins to ignite your adventure, this pack equips you with the essentials for a seamless entry into the crypto realm.

Coupled with educational resources to fuel your knowledge and networking opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts, Cryptobilis empowers you to navigate the crypto landscape with confidence and excitement. Join us and unlock the potential of the digital economy today.

The easy way to get started

Your hardware wallet

Claim your first Bitcoin

Starter pack manual.

Some BTC stickers. Join the Satoshi army!!

What are you getting?

The Ultimate Bitcoin

Starter Pack

Cold Storage Card
A Secure Vault.

Some Bitcoin
A Taste of Digital Gold.

User Manual
Your Guide to the Crypto Kingdom.

Networking Opportunity

Join the Crypto Community

Unleash your Potential.

Bilis Edition

RM299.00 | 0.0011001 BTC

The original pack. Join as a Bilis and become a whale. Simple and safe from your local hardware wallet specialist – CryptoBilis. Includes FREE RM100 of Bitcoin*

Coming Soon

tokenize Edition

RM299.00 | 0.0011001 BTC

Tokenize Xchange, your local and regulated cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell, store and transfer Bitcoin and other digital assets. Registered with Securities Commission Malaysia. Enjoy a complimentary RM100 worth of Bitcoin and additional BONUS from Tokenize.

Gotten your pack? Time to redeem your digital GOLD!