ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel

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Product Brief

Discover the freedom and peace of mind that comes with our Seed Phrase Steel, designed to effortlessly secure your digital assets across all BIP39 wallets.

Embrace the convenience and flexibility of compatibility with popular wallets like Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor and many more, the steel has got you covered.

Product Description

Ellipal Seed Phrase Steel

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✅100% Brand new, Genuine, Sealed and Untampered
✅Ships from Infinity Tower, Kelana Jaya on next business day.
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✅3 Months Local 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty (from date of purchase) / 1 year Manufacturer warranty
✅Ellipal Authorised Reseller (Refer to Ellipal webpage for verification)

A set of mnemonics phrase is a set of 12/15/18/21/24 words phrase that backups your cryptocurrency wallet account. It is a form of your wallet account’s private keys. When you lose access to your hardware wallet or hot wallet, you can use the mnemonics to recover your existing account easily on another wallet.


ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel is a solid and strong metal device used to store the important 12/15/18/21/24 words mnemonics and make sure your wallet’s backup lasts forever.


Why choose ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel?


  1. Fireproof, waterproof, mold proof, insect proof, can survive on extreme conditions; you can hold on to it for a lifetime.
  2. Easy to set up and use. It keeps your mnemonics easily readable for a very long time.
  3. It is light and pocket-sized, easy for you to take it around if necessary.
  4. You can easily put a lock on the mnemonics metal to add more security and privacy.How it works?


ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel strictly follows the BIP39 standard mnemonics allowing users to store 12/15/18/21/24 words mnemonics. It is compatible to most hardware wallets and hot wallets on the market, like Trust Wallet, Ledger Wallet and Trezor Wallet.


  1. Why Do I need one? I can just write down my mnemonic on paper or store it on my phone.

Answer: Paper can easily be damaged by water, insects, fire etc. Your mnemonics will not be readable after a while. Your phone, computer or anything that is online can be easily hacked. If your phone is broken, the mnemonics will also be lost.


  1. Why only the first 4 letters for each word in a mnemonic seed phrase?

Answer: According to BIP39 standard, the first 4 letters are unique to each word (including the words that only have 3 letters), the crypto wallet will automatically fill the complete word after you enter the first 4 letters, so just the first 4 letters is enough.


CryptoBilis – Authorized Reseller for;

✅ Ledger
✅ Trezor
✅ Coolwallet
✅ SafePal
✅ Ellipal
✅ BitBox
✅ D’Cent
✅ Ballet
✅ SecuX
✅ ImKey

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