A natural selection for cold storage.

coolwallet pro

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CoolWallet Pro is a one-of-a-kind hardware wallet that offers elite cold storage protection and convenience. Manage your crypto, DeFi and NFT assets safely and discreetly, whenever and wherever you want. Includes an EAL6+ SE, encrypted Bluetooth, multi-coin support and feature-rich App.

metal case

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Get a metal case protector for you coolwallet.

pro pack

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Get the Coolwallet Pro pack with one each of Coolwallet PRO a metal case.



Explore the Web3 Universe with the Coolest Crypto Wallet

The coolest Web3 wallet


Navigating between Cold and Hot Wallets


Dark mode for CoolWallet COLD
Advanced security mechanism

Light mode for CoolWallet HOT
Streamlined transaction process

View CoolWallet App FAQ

Smart Scan

Trade with Peace of Mind

Real-time scanning and alerting
Safeguard against phishing DApps and assess the security of received assets.

Preview transaction details
Gain advanced visibility for informed decisions.

Native Application for Crypto Exchange

Swap with Abundant Choices

Details in one screen
Coin/token and blockchain at a glance
Self-defined address name

Swap freely with ease
Automatically recommend the best rate
Integrated floating rate/fixed rate

More Than Just Crypto

Enjoy DApps And NFTs with Ease

Web3 Browser
Seamlessly interact with countless DApps as you embark on an unlimited journey within the Web3 Universe.

NFT Wallet
Unlock the power of collection-centered design and seamlessly manage and explore your exclusive NFTs with a visually captivating experience at your fingertips